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Donation Request Form

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We are not a company who simply donates, but one that builds partnerships with organizations in our community that align with our brand values. As we continue to grow, we are excited to expand our mission of donating mattresses to those in need within our community. We believe everyone deserves a good night of sleep, so donations are granted to organizations who support the fight to end homelessness as well as Firehouses in communities where we work and live. At this time, Tuft &Needle does not provide in-kind donations for community events and we do not sponsor events with cash donations. If you are a nonprofit organization that fits with our mission, we welcome your request for product donation, and while we strive to help support the community in many ways, please note that due to the number of requests we receive, we are simply unable to accommodate all requests. Request form will be open according to the following schedule and requestors will be notified either way, within the first 2 weeks of each quarter.

Donations Requests for: Quarter 1 2020 : Request Form open 12/1-12/31 Quarter 2 2020 : Request
Form open 3/1-3/31

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All at once and ASAP
All at once anytime in Quarter 1 2020
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