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We believe in quality craftsmanship without the gimmicks. We work with the best to get the best. And then we sell the best, for exactly the price it should cost. It's the very simple system at the heart of everything we make.

  • foam blocks
    Our Foam

    Our foam is freshly poured and cut here in Canada & the United States.

  • scissor cutting fabric
    Sewing and Finishing

    We put the finishing touches in Toronto, Ontario, compress the mattress for efficient delivery and send straight to you.

Helpful FAQs

  • How does a Tuft & Needle mattress compare to a memory foam mattress?

    Memory foam is known for feeling comfortable at first but has drawbacks that include sleeping hot and lacking the necessary support your body needs. It retains the heat from your body and molds to your shape, causing body impressions in the mattress. Because of this, chances of having indents in your memory foam mattress can be a bit higher. The T&N mattress has a 7-inch support layer on the bottom that helps keep your spine and neck properly aligned. The top comfort layer is 3 inches of Tuft & Needle Adaptive® Foam, a proprietary foam unique to our company alone, which provides pressure relief and support without feeling like you're sinking in and getting trapped. It's also infused with a cooling gel and graphite to help you sleep cool. Learn more about the Original T&N mattress.

  • Why are you called Tuft & Needle?

    When JT and Daehee were in the early days of beginning their company, JT asked his neighbour, a master upholsterer, to teach him how to make a mattress. In the process of creating his first mattress, JT learned to tuft the mattress by hand with a large tufting needle. When brainstorming names for the company, JT and Daehee wanted something that sounded authentic, timeless, and modern. JT remembered the tufting needle he used to make his first mattress and decided to call the company "Tuft & Needle". You can read the full story on our blog, linked here.

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